My name is Joanie Olin and I am a Certified Child Sleep Consultant. 

Why I love being a pediatric sleep consultant….

With over 30 years of experience in the field of parenting support, I know that parenting can be very rewarding but, at times, also very challenging. Sleep consulting offers the opportunity to help people learn about how to be the best parents they can be on all fronts – not just in terms of sleep. It takes communication, understanding and trust to design (and carry out!) a plan that works. I am so thrilled to witness the newly-gained confidence that parents acquire as they see they can improve their sleep situation significantly. The bonus is that once parents start sleeping better themselves they can truly enjoy their children even more.


What I bring to you….

 I have a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Simmons College and a certification in Child Sleep through the Family Sleep Institute. I also completed a comprehensive 140-hour training and worked as a Pediatric Sleep Consultant for a parenting resource company. Prior to focusing on sleep, I worked as a psychotherapist counseling children and families, and as a community educator/consultant for parenting support organizations in the Boston Metrowest area.

Just as important as my training and work experience is that I have raised 3 children with my husband. I WISH we had the kind of support I can now offer families when our children were young! I understand the negative impact that sleep deprivation can have on children and their parents. I have also seen the incredibly positive impact that healthy sleep habits can have on families.


My Philosophy and approach ….

 No two families are alike, and no two children are alike. I believe that in order to be truly helpful, it is critical to understand the unique qualities of each family. Because I have learned about a wide variety of sleep training methods and have worked with a multitude of families, I am able to offer support, guidance, create plans and design methods, that fit each individual family’s needs. The families I work with place their trust in me, as they quickly learn that I do not offer a “cookie cutter” approach. This trust – which is an integral part of our work together – is the foundation. This is a team effort, a process where everyone is learning. Although sleep is a natural need, it does not necessarily come naturally and is often something that has to be learned. Everyone, though, needs sleep and that is what I am here to help you achieve! With my help, you CAN achieve better sleep for your child(ren) and yourselves! You will be able to stay the course, tweak some things if necessary, be consistent and calm throughout – knowing that you have the right tools and the right support.

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