When I reached out to Pediatric Sleep Strategies I hadn’t slept for more than three consecutive hours in weeks. Nobody in our family was getting the sleep they needed. I was exhausted, feeling defeated, and the lack of sleep was beginning to manifest in anxiety and depression-like symptoms. I had put a lot of time and energy into soothing our baby and trying to help him sleep using a variety of methods, but it didn’t feel like there was really any progress being made. Joanie gave us the personalized and thoughtful guidance we needed to create a strategic plan that worked for our family, our schedule, but most important-something we were comfortable with. Within the first few days of working with her, our baby went from waking up 4-8 times a night to sleeping for more than 11 consecutive hours.
What I loved about working with Joanie the most (besides our sleeping baby ☺) was her understanding and appreciation that all families and babies are unique. She walked us through our options and helped guide us with the one that was best for us. Having a customized plan and being able to troubleshoot with her daily gave us the structure and solutions we needed. I highly recommend working with her!
— Sara and Adam, Jerusalem, Israel, parents of 5 m old
Before reaching out to Joanie, I had just returned to work after my maternity leave, my daughter had started daycare and was also going through the four month regression. This perfect storm of events resulted in our household going off the rails! She was back sleeping in my bed when she had previously been in her crib, she would only fall asleep if I nursed her, she couldn’t fall asleep on her own and her naps were only 30 minutes. We were both exhausted! Joanie created a very detailed and clear plan that was so easy to follow. I was amazed at how quickly my daughter changed her behavior! She was sleeping through the night after only a few nights, she could fall asleep on her own after only one day! I felt very supported by Joanie throughout the entire experience, she was always there day or night, to answer any questions or calm any doubts i had. She became a crucial part to my daughters’ development and to our lives. Our house is now happy and quiet and so different and I have Joanie to thank!!
— Jane, Natick, parent of 4 m old
Our daughter was a wonderful sleeper until her 2nd birthday, which coincided with the arrival of her baby brother and a transition to a toddler bed.
Her sleep challenges included crying and negotiating at bedtime, resisting nap time, and generally being more anxious about sleep.
When we called Joanie, we were exhausted from 9 months of sleep deprivation, as we tried to manage the situation on our own.
Joanie gave us in-depth coaching and a detailed plan before we began sleep training. She explained to us that lots of small changes would add up to big results.
We were shocked to see improvement within just a few days!
After one week, our daughter was like a new child: happier, more playful, and enjoying bed time again.
Joanie’s daily phone calls helped enormously, and she always had suggestions for new ways to try to optimize the plan for better results.
We are so grateful to have the tools to make sure our daughter has healthy sleep habits as she grows!
— Kerry and Paul, Winchester, parents of 2.9 yr. old
Looking back just 2 short weeks ago it is as if my son is a whole new child! We had a baby who never napped and certainly never slept through the night. We tried sleep training at night on our own and just assumed he wasn’t a kid who napped. We were getting by for a while but when our 8 1/2 month old baby was waking over night more than he was as a newborn, we knew we were missing something. Joanie came to the rescue! She was kind, patient, understanding, and knowledgeable. She connected pieces we never in a million years would’ve thought were related to our son’s sleep challenges and put together and helped us implement a comprehensive, easy to follow plan that was specifically tailored to our schedule, his day care setting, our parenting style, and our goals. We now have a happier baby who is not only sleeping better (consistently napping and sleeping through the night), but is consequently eating better, playing better, and is all around happier! Any time I hear a tired friend complaining about being at the end of their rope with regards to baby sleep, I send them to Joanie with confidence!
— Michelle and Mark, Natick, parents of 8.5 m old

Our daughter had always been a great sleeper until we went away twice in two months and started potty training. All of a sudden, she had taken over the bedtime routine, was going to bed later, waking up at least once a night, and no longer napping on the weekends. Having Joanie there to guide us and come into our home to set up her sleep environment was extremely helpful. Little items such as a lovey, which my daughter never had, helped in ways we never would have imagined. Within 2 days of working the plan, our daughter was going to bed earlier and sleeping throughout the night. Naps on the weekend were a little tougher but we stayed the course and had Joanie there to support us. It has been amazing to watch the transformation of our daughter with a little more sleep. She is the happiest we have seen her and her personality has flourished. We never recognized the signs of being overtired and we now have the tools needed to get her the sleep she needs. This has given us the confidence we needed to stay strong and know we are doing what is best for our daughter. We are forever grateful to Joanie.
— Kim and Darrell, Newton, parents of 2.8 yr old
When we met Joanie we were soooo desperate! Our 5.5 yr old and 1 yr old “shared a room”. The youngest woke 7-10 times per night crying his eyes out, which meant he actually slept in our room, to let our oldest get some sleep. Our oldest also had a habit of waking up and coming into our room crying 2-4 times a night. She couldn’t fall back to sleep unless we waited with her, sometimes it would be an hour before she went back to sleep. My husband and I were getting no more than 1 hour of uninterrupted sleep for the year since our 2nd was born, and 2-3 hours for several years before that. Now they sleep in the same room, ALL NIGHT LONG! She rarely gets out of bed before morning now, and he still cries sometimes but they both put themselves back to sleep. To have someone give us a plan that we HAD to follow was so very important. Joan worked closely with us to design a plan specific to our challenging situation, that we could handle (ie. we did not want to let them cry it out) and commit to. She checked in with us frequently to hear what worked, tweak what didn’t, and give us great pep talks. It was hard, but LIFE IS SO MUCH BETTER NOW!!!!! Thank you so very much for everything!! Our lives are truly truly better, we didn’t think it could ever happen! We are forever in your debt :-)
— Bethany, Boston, parent of 5.5 yr old and 1 yr old

When we started working with Joanie, we were totally desperate.  There was quite a bit of disruption in our household (new baby two months earlier than expected, new home, big boy bed) and we had lost control over our 3yo’s bedtime routine.  Being the smart boy he is, he was playing off our insecurities and basically we were puppets to his game of us laying with him for up to 1-2hrs each night before bed.  In swooped Joanie and she went above and beyond to hear our story and give us the tools and strategies to help us gain back control and get into a regular sleep routine and pattern with him.  It was wonderful to work with her; she made herself available to me as often as I needed her and I will be forever grateful to her for helping my son get the rest he needs as well as my husband and myself!
— Laganza family, Hingham, parents of 3 yr old

Before we met with Joanie, we had hit the dreaded 4 month “sleep regression”. Our baby was constantly tired and in a bad mood due to lack of sleep. We were having to rock/bounce him to sleep, for sometimes an hour- for naps and night time sleep and then when he finally did fall asleep he would wake up pretty soon after and we would have to start the whole thing again- exhausting!

After two weeks of following our customized schedule our baby is able to sleep in his crib, in his own room and we put him down AWAKE! We never thought that this would be possible. His naps are much longer and he is pretty much sleeping through the night. Everyone comments on how much happier he is since working with Joanie.

The ability to check in with Joanie for two weeks was so reassuring and we were able to tweak our schedule to better suit our needs. She was very understanding and so supportive and we cannot thank her enough for helping us help our baby sleep! We would highly recommend Joanie, if you are trying to get on the right track with sleep, she’s the best!

— Anne-Marie and Ben, Newton, parents of 4.5 m old
It was great to work with Joanie. Our first meeting was in our house and I really appreciated this visit, since she was able to see our environment, our baby’s behaviors and our overall routine of naps. Our baby girl of 10 months at the time we started working with Joanie, was waking up several times during the night, she had the feeding to sleep association and she was sleeping in our bedroom. We knew that we had to make changes but guidance was needed in our case. Joanie first helped us to set up her environment ……all in accordance to AAP Safe sleep guidelines. We immediately proceeded to set up the environment for our baby and moved her to her own room. Joanie provided a plan that same day and we reviewed and asked her for some modifications and questions about it, she was very fast in responding. Our baby girl got sick when we were about to start. So, the recommendation from Joanie was not to start until she was healthy. We followed her recommendation and also, we worked with her in implementing the things that we could, such as: starting using the white noise machine, installing blackout shades, new bedtime routine, more feedings during the day, and trying to be as consistent as possible for naps and bedtime routines. We started to see results from day one. Our baby girl wasn’t waking up that much during the night, she was happy when she was waking up, her sleep quality was better overall. A few days later, she was healthy and we started the training, it was hard for us at the beginning but we got results fast. In the following days, she was able to sleep thru the night. This was our main goal as a family. We have traveled after the training and we have kept the routine and tried to be as consistent as possible and it has worked. Joanie was always touching base with us in a proactive way. We loved working with her.
— Escobar family, Cambridge, parents of 10 m old

We found working with Joanie to be a great experience. She was knowledgeable and helped us greatly improve our baby’s ability to sleep through the night and fall asleep on his own. Before we started working with Joanie we were desperate for sleep and struggling with how best to move forward. We found it extremely helpful to meet with Joanie in person and then have regular contact with her while we worked through the sleep plan with our son. He has made incredible progress since we embarked on this sleep journey (he is sleeping 12 hours a night now which is fantastic!) and we really appreciated Joanie’s help and support during this challenging time. We have so much more energy to enjoy our delightful little boy now!
— Adler Family, Brookline, parents of 7 m old
Before we met Joanie we were living in a fog. We had almost 4 year old twins who were up multiple times a night between the two of them. They were sleeping with us in our bed out of desperation and no one was waking up feeling well rested. It felt like we had newborns again without the naps! Joanie came to our rescue. She listened to our story with compassion and devised a detailed sleep plan for us; catered to our parenting styles and our daughters’ needs. In a short time our daughters were sleeping in their own beds and staying there from the moment we put them to bed. It was so helpful to have Joanie’s support each day through email or phone as we worked through things. She was always available with tips and advice to help us. We are so thankful for all of Joanie’s help and for getting our whole family the rest we need to enjoy each and every day.
— Mike and Marianne, Natick, parents of 3 yr old twins

Working with Joanie was one of the best decisions we have made as parents and I would HIGHLY recommend her. Our daughter was having a lot of trouble falling asleep and was waking up most nights causing us lots of sleeplessness and stress. Joanie worked with us to develop a plan that truly worked wonders. Our daughter is as happy and well rested as she has ever been and so are we!
— Jeff and Ali, Waltham, parents of 2 yr. old
We had been dealing with our 14 month old son waking for the “morning” in what was actually the middle of the night for many months, and it seemed to be impossible to rectify. He would only fall back asleep with our intervention and would startle if put back in his crib. We were exhausted and desperate for the crucial guidance that Joanie provided. She was very thorough during our consultation, came up with a holistic sleep plan for our son, and was extremely supportive and knowledgable through the duration of our working together. Joanie provided the expert know-how with the nurturing care of a mother to ensure that we overcame any roadblocks and were set up for success. She was our cheerleader when we needed it most, and our son has made great strides since we enlisted Joanie’s help. We couldn’t recommend her more!
— Lauren and Brad, Newton, parents of 14 m old